Here are some of my U.S. patents:


Wide-Acceptance Prismatic Cell Cover
  1. Patent for Traffic Stripe 1,000X Brighter than Existing Stripes Nov. 2022
  2. Patent on Ultra-Bright Road Stripe for Wet and Dry Conditions May 2022
  3. Patent on Curvilinear Prismatic Film for Solar Panels Nov. 2021
  4. Patent on Ultra-Bright Road Stripe for Dry and Wet Conditions Sept. 2021
  5. Ultrabright Road Stripe 1,000X Brighter than Existing Road Stripes
  6. Robust Ultralight Lens with Embedded Strenthening Elements Patent
  7. Space Concentrator with Articulating Receiver Patent
  8. Improved Collimating Skylight Patent
  9. Collimating Skylight Patent
  10. Inflatable Fresnel Lens Concentrator Patent
  11. Stretched Fresnel Lens Array Patent
  12. Color Mixing Lens Patent
  13. Inverted Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Cone Skylight Patent
  14. Line-Focus Concentrator with Solid Secondary Optics Patent
  15. Concentrating Photovoltaic Receiver Patent
  16. Concentrating Photovoltaic Module with Stacked Tandem Cells Patent
  17. Concentrating Solar Thermal Receiver Patent
  18. Prismatic Cell Cover Patent
  19. Concentrating Solar Thermal Collector Patent
  20. Crossed Lens Concentrating Photovoltaic Module Patent
  21. Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Concentrator Patent
  22. Symmetrical Refraction Fresnel Lens Concentrator Patent
  23. Roof Lens Concentrator Patent